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10 Most-Needed Skills To Succeed In 2019, According To LinkedIn

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With the start of a new year, there is an onset for new goals and resolutions that conquer. As January 2019 has started to seep in, we concluded our study about most in-demand skills in the job market. The results showed that 90% of employees consider skills more important than job titles. But now when you have at least 50,000 skills in the professional world, it can be a dilemma to understand which skill is right for your career progression.

Using skills data from company job postings, LinkedIn has identified its annual “Top Skills” which employees have considered as most worth learning skills in 2019.

These latest rankings by the Microsoft-owned brand address hard skills and “soft skills,” the latter of which can be translated to skills that cannot be replicated or performed via artificial intelligence. (So maybe your job isn’t a victim to the robots just yet.)

5 Most-Needed Soft Skills In 2019

1. Creativity

Although advanced technology has replaced human jobs, the value our society has placed on creativity has always remained constant throughout ages. Creativity is the skill of the future. Like this, creativity and innovation are the key qualities which employees can use to conceive solutions.

As a testimony to assess the power of creativity, David Hockney’s painting – “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” was recently sold for a record $90.3 million. While robots may be adept at optimizing old ideas, businesses still require creative brains to scale up successfully.

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2. Persuasion

“Persuasion is often more effectual than force”, said Aesop. And how true is that statement even with regard to the job market. Sure, you must have brilliant ideas and they are complimented with a great product or a great platform. However, are you able to communicate this offer to the world?

Here, persuasion is the most important skill to develop. Because without persuasion there will be no traction for your product and people would not buy into it without influence.

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3. Collaboration

The phrase “No man is an island” is remarkably important in modern businesses. This maxim simply points out that no single individual is perfectly self-sufficient.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies, projects are bound to become increasingly complex. This is where effective team collaboration can deliver improved performance and provide winning solutions and services.

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4. Adaptability

An adaptable mind is comfortable being flexible and can make quick business decisions to minimize the risks in a fast-moving marketplace.

In today’s times, as new technologies and services enter the market, they have the capacity to tremendously change the business landscape in a matter of months.

For example,

Google’s simple algorithm updates have had a huge impact on businesses. Therefore, adaptability as skill is very important as it aptly trains the individual understanding that new problems cannot be solved with old solutions.

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5. Time Management

While time is not a difficult concept in theory but it still eludes a large number of people when it comes to practicing it. In current economic times, very few organizations have one-role positions. Of course, you do have an official work title but more often than not you are juggling with many other responsibilities.

To work productively and performing different roles requires a multitude of skills. One job skill that can be most helpful is efficient time management skills. Mastering this timeless skill can provide the best ROI for the rest blog your career.

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5 Most-Needed Hard Skills In 2019

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is basically a remote service used to store, manage and process data on the cloud. Any kind of information in terms of data or applications that is stored in the cloud can be retrieved over the network anytime, anywhere.

As companies become increasingly focused on the adoption of cloud services there will be more demand for engineers with cloud computing skills.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another cloud computing skill recommended for a bright cloud career. Today, 72% of CEO’s consider the knowledge of AI as the most important asset of a company. As AI continues to dominate business plans around the globe, there has been increased demand for talent with advanced AI skillsets like Machine Learning, Big Data, and Deep Learning.

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3. Analytical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning (AR) while practical in nature is a problem solving skill. As businesses are focusing on collecting more data than ever before, they are looking for professionals who can effectively analyze that raw information and draw business insights from it.

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4. UX Design

UX designers are entrusted with designing and delivering digital experiences that cater to human emotions such as trust in affirmation. The growing engagement of IoT in our daily lives will give birth to digital design experiences that closely replicate our human interactions.

In 2019, UX design skills will see a huge demand as it is going to play a bigger role in emerging technology, particularly around personalized interactions and gestural design.

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5. People Management

An ounce of people sensitivity is worth a pound of cure when it comes to daily human interaction and reducing conflict. Having good people management skills means improving a productive human behavior to everyone’s benefit at the workplace.

This suggests companies are increasingly looking for leaders who can coach and empower employees, rather than follow the earlier model of “command and control”p. However, people management is a difficult skillset which few professionals possess.

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Creativity and cloud computing came in first as the most in-demand soft and hard skills in 2019, according to LinkedIn.

By paying attention to in-demand skills like these, professionals can make sure they upskill and stay in-demand among employers.


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